Arrrgghh, Matey! 

The Order of Descendants of Pirates and Privateers honorin' the legacy of them swashbucklin' ancestors be a noble cause.

The tales of pirates and privateers be etched in history and have stirred the passions of many a landlubber. 

It be true that without the help of privateers, the course of history for the United States might have been different.

For those lookin' to join the ranks, it be good to know that The Order be welcomin' both men and women of 21 years and older. If ye be interested, ye can find more details here.

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The Order of Descendants of Pirates and Privateers is a hereditary organization created to honor the memory and deeds of pirate and privateer ancestors.

The adventures and romance of the pirates have enhanced our history and fired our imaginations and 

without the actions of privateers, the United States might not have won the American Revolution, or sustained through the War of 1812.

The Order is open to men and women age 21 and over.  Please see our membership page for further information.